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We are a Global Humanitarian Association that connects hands to help those in need.

RELIGAR is a Latin word that means to reconnect.

As we come together and build bridges between people, communities, churches and companies that have a social commitment to the world of which they are a part.

Religar is a non-profit organization with a Christian conscience, which develops and supports social and humanitarian projects.

Religar Brazil Board

President: Rogers Wendel

Vice President: Rodolfo Rodrigues

1st Treasurer: Bella Ribeiro

2nd Treasurer: Mariana Leite

1st Secretary: Ana Carolina Tipple

2nd Secretary: Amanda Queiroz

1st Fiscal Councilor: Cacilda Machado

2nd Fiscal Councilor: Leida Freitas

Substitute: Igor Pacheco

Religar Spain Board

President: Fábio Diniz

Vice President: Gary Estuardo de Leon Cruz

Secretary: Amanda Machado de Almeira

Treasurer: Rene Lucas Rinco

Vocals: Jennyfer Andressa Moreira Cunha and Julio Castelar

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